Wet Carpet Cleaning
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Stains on the carpet that simply won’t budge can be very frustrating. No matter how much you scrub they still remain.
EcoGroup’s cleaning division offers an excellent wet carpet cleaning service removing those tough stains that your hoover just can’t tackle. Those red wine stains from the evening in with girls or coffee split in the office are no longer a problem! The wet carpet method is a quick and easy solution, removing those unwanted marks, leaving your carpets looking good as new!
However, EcoGroups’ wet carpet cleaning is not just for eliminating stubborn blemishes. Maybe your carpet is simply beginning to look a bit dull and is in need of a revamp. Wet carpet cleaning can help transform carpets in need of a bit of TLC to carpets looking brightened and refreshed.
So whether you’re trying to impress your friends or potential business clients, you’ll be left with a carpet to be proud of.

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